The updating of the old images is nearly finished (just more 4 galleries to go, about 60 images), and it will be time to start making new images. Then the new galleries probably will take some time to be completed (I don’t plan to make 16 images a day, neither I can do that) but while this I’ll try to make some comments on the galleries and their images, I’ll be picking one or two of each gallery and made them the subjects of individual posts. Maybe some galleries will not have images that deserve such an honour, but some images for sure need a special post, if not to comment about some specific detail of the image, at least just to say how much I like them.

Also I’ll be spending some time changing things at to make it work along with the stuff already made here, not sure how yet. My plan is to have a single administration interface for the 2 sites, with both sites being sort of clones (maybe with a few style differences, but same content), and the posting would be done from a single place. As I’m still new with WordPress, it might take some time.

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