If you’ve got bored with my long rant about how I was tired of fractals, how disappointed with the new stuff I was making then, disappointed with the new stuff other people were making… I think I can make a short resume on all that.

I just found about 25 images that were kind of lost in my notebook, stuff that I did a bit recently (mid-2009, actually) and comparing them to the stuff I did – most of them at least, and I have seen them all again to make these new galleries – I must say that these new ones seem to have been made by a different person. And they look much better even when they are “simple” or “common” images, let alone when they look a bit more “complicated” than usual. They are not using any of the “what’s-cool-today” techniques, they are still recognizable by me as mine, I haven’t spent years mastering anything, it’s all the same, done with the same tools and skills I ever had.

All I can say about it is… if you seem to feel like I was when I quit making fractals (and this applies for any kind of creative stuff) – take a break. Let it be as longer as you need. Get some fresh air. Try to keep away from that stuff, yours and by others. You’ll see how you will come back very refreshed and much more “talented” than usual. No I’m kidding, the talent has been there all the time, it was just tired of being mistreated.

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