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A new idea

I had a new idea for some more images (I guess I’m just bored): I’ll try to make one image for each formula in the UF collection. If the formula doesn’t have much stuff to be changed, I might try a zoom and see if it works. If these formulas don’t give me a decent image they won’t be used, and just images that use a formula that can be altered (i.e. have their parameters changed) will be used. The images will be named after the formula that was used. One layer images only.

Update 08/12: About 10-12 images are done. I might post these individually, or grouped by formula collection or something. A bunch of formulas were useless so far, but I’m just in the first 2 or 3 collections yet, there’s much more to come. Lots of these images are very very abstract or “classic” fractals, but some are really good for my tastes.

New Mandelbulb 3D and tutorial

I was out of it for some time and went to check if there was a new version of Mandelbulb 3D as the newest versions I had were just mostly for bug fixes… there is, with a lot of new formulas. There are so many new things to explore combined with the time I stopped using it that I had to almost relearn it from scratch, and I decided to check if someone had finally made a tutorial for it, and I found this one that covers pretty much the basics but it’s very well written and clear.

It’s not just one of these with screen captures of the software windows, it goes a little beyond than that although it still doesn’t explain much about the formulas and what are their possibilities and how their parameters should or could be set, which is something that most fractal softwares still lack. They just pretend everybody knows the deep math involved, and they forget to explain how to find at least a starting image using a specific formula so we can explore it from that point onwards. It’s very frustrating to find that there’s a new formula in your collection but you have no idea where to start and how to change the parameters to get something interesting. UF has changed it a bit with the addition of the “explore” feature, which is good to find what a certain parameter does without typing random numbers until something happens…

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Mandalas Gallery 01

Sorry for the long time without any posts but this is not a daily job, is it? OK, enough rantings.

As I said in the previous post I tried the Mandala Project or something. I opened all my UPRs one by one (well not all yet) and applied a kaleidoscope transformation on each layer to create the mandala-like images. Some images work better than others, some images don’t work at all, some give birth to a lot of new images and so on.

For the creation process, I didn’t change any of the original image’s fractal parameters, I just applied the kaleidoscope on the layers and that was it. In very few cases, I did some extra zooming when I thought I could find something more interesting a little deeper, but this wasn’t the case with all images. Of course, lots of panning work was a must to find good images, but there are some images that are just the original image with the transformation without any panning, applied to the image with its original coordinates. Also, I made the “mandalas” in the same order as I made the original images, I started with my very first (saved) image, and went on from there. I’m not sure where I am at this point now (I have about 50 images already made), but I think I’ve tried at least a whole year of images or maybe half a year of UPRs. And this is… still 2002? I think so.

For me, it’s a bit easier to spot the original image that was transformed, but sometimes there aren’t much hints and the new image is a bit different, although it still can be recognizable maybe from its colour scheme. Some “mandalas” kept some parts (or visual characteristics) of the original images a bit intact, like mandelbrot shapes, etc. etc. and this was done on purpose sometimes.

This project is something I’m doing just for fun, while I don’t have enough new images to be added to new fractal galleries.

Here are the first gallery, with 15 images (I guess 16 will look better… maybe I’ll change that):

As some people with some a good attention span might have noticed, the watermark now shows “www.mundofractal.com”. I could grab this domain name and now you can use both the .net or the .com extensions. Hopefully Google won’t get pissed at me for redirecting a domain to this URL.

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Mandalas, maybe

I read something about mandalas this week (Jung studied them, never heard of that before) and was wondering if I should make some. I am not an expert about them, have no idea about their meanings or if there are particular styles of mandalas, I am just doing something for fun. I’m not very fond of them, but not because they aren’t visually attractive. They are, sometimes, but as it’s so easy to make one from a fractal image within UF that I am not really interested. It’s too simple, although sometimes there are some very interesting images. At the same time, it’s a bit unpredictable if a good “mandala” will appear. I’m not sure if even these images can be called mandalas, if there’s some special characteristic that makes an image to be able to be called like that, just like the fractals (self-similarity etc. etc.).

I am picking all my saved fractals and applying the “mandala” trick on them – it’s the kaleidoscope transformation of UF, applied on every layer of the image – and if something interesting appears, I’m saving the image. It’s interesting how some very good fractals don’t give me any interesting mandala, and vice-versa. I’m keeeping mostly the default settings of the transformation, but sometimes I’m changing things a little bit. Also, I’m zooming in/out as needed. At first I thought it would be cheating, as I thought of making a mandala just with what the original image could give me, but why not change the rules a bit? Rules? Which rules?

Again, as soon as there are enough images for a gallery, they will be posted all at once, about 16 or 20 at a time. Maybe in a special section, who knows.

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Fractal Gallery 37

Descriptions on the images will be added later. It has way more images than planned, it will be fixed soon. Also there are some huge images this time. Whatever. One of these images has a cheating, I had to fix its contrast in Photoshop.

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