Again, a brief new check for the indexing of the site (as it says it had 100 visitors in a day!). While doing a search using my name and the word “fractal”, I discovered that my old Renderosity account is still alive. I thought it was deleted (by myself or by them) as the link pointing to that at wasn’t working, it said that the requested artist wasn’t a member of Renderosity or something. I don’t remember its password and its assigned e-mail address is wrong and gone, so I think I won’t be able to change anything there. Not that I want to, actually. But I found a few images posted in these galleries (3 or 4 actually) that I should also add here, and they might only exist in that gallery… I’ll have to find their sources here again, re-render and post some updated version if I can. If not, I’d have to recover these images from these “originals”, unfortunately.

Anyway, here’s the link to the gallery.

It used to have a lot of images in there, then I just made some major cleaning and let just those that could be some of my best images that at the same time could be shared without fear (I had a couple images posted there that were “borrowed” by others, to use a kind word), because I just didn’t want to simply close the account – which I must say that was also considered. I let that just as sort of a “public advertisement” for the site, kind of a teasing page. Didn’t work much I think, not many visitors came from that place looking for more.

I was even re-reading some of the comments posted, and I found interesting to find one that says “incredible undercommented image” or something, which again proves my point that these places are just a bunch of friends commenting on each other’s images only, most of the times. If you’re not part of their team, you’re ignored. Orbit Traps blog said exactly the same about this, in other words. In Brazilian Portuguese, we use the word “panelinha” to describe that.

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