I had a new idea for some more images (I guess I’m just bored): I’ll try to make one image for each formula in the UF collection. If the formula doesn’t have much stuff to be changed, I might try a zoom and see if it works. If these formulas don’t give me a decent image they won’t be used, and just images that use a formula that can be altered (i.e. have their parameters changed) will be used. The images will be named after the formula that was used. One layer images only.

Update 08/12: About 10-12 images are done. I might post these individually, or grouped by formula collection or something. A bunch of formulas were useless so far, but I’m just in the first 2 or 3 collections yet, there’s much more to come. Lots of these images are very very abstract or “classic” fractals, but some are really good for my tastes.