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Mind-Boggling Fractals

While doing the fractal softwares tests I had the opportunity to try one software that was in my list of “I want to try this someday”, Mind-Boggling Fractals. I always liked its colourful images, but never could find even a demo of the software.

Apparently, the author gave up on its development and it is now available for free in that list of fractal softwares. It used to be shareware, and a very expensive one if I can remember, considering what it did. Maybe because you now can replicate most if not all of its effects with some colouring algorithms in UltraFractal (pwc.ucl and kcc3.ucl in UF 4 which is what I use) it was no longer interesting for it to be kept as a separate software.

Anyway, I tried it and I didn’t go too far, I just did 2 images (a relatively deep zoom in a simple Mandelbrot looking for a square midget) and gave up. I think with these 2 colouring methods of UF I can make much more interesting images in that style, if needed. Here are my attempts:

Mind-Boggling Midget


Mind-Boggling Midget

MB Midget 02

It might make some interesting images, but with UltraFractal I have way more options, as in different formulas. With this specific software, I will be limited to a dozen or so kinds of fractals.

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Fractal Gallery 09

A very interesting batch this time.

About the “Pornography 2” image: it doesn’t have anything to do with actual pornography neither it’s a catch to attract visitors. It was named like that because of this:

The Cure Pornography

The Cure's Pornography cover art, 1982

Hopefully you can get the similarities. You’ll find a bunch of other images that are related to song titles, album names, bands, etc. I’ll be explaining some.

When editing the tags of the galleries almost a year later, I noticed that this gallery also has an image named after a Cure album, “Faith”. It was also inspired by the cover art of this album, which is a pic of Bolton Abbey.

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Fractal Gallery 07

Some of the forgotten Apophysis images will start to appear in this gallery (actually, the next). Despite being relatively new, they were still rendered in smaller sizes. I might have their original parameters saved, and maybe I’ll re-render them bigger.

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Fractal Gallery 06

16 images doesn’t guarantee that the layout will be preserved. A wrong sized thumbnail and it’s all messed up. I had one image in this gallery that was previously posted as a sample (the stamp pic), so I’ve removed it. With it in the gallery it was even more messed up. I guess I have to count on some luck too, if the original image had a different name, its thumbnail would appear in a different place and it wouldn’t mess up the layout. Chaos at its best.

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Fractal Gallery 05

15 images isn’t a good choice. 16 is more symmetric, at least with this current theme. 20 is too much. 16 from now on.

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