Dot Hurricane, from gallery 06.

This was one of the images I sent to the people at MOCA, when I received this pre-selection invitation for an exhibition at Lincoln Center, right after I had been in the spanish exhibition(s). I must confess I entered it just for fun – sending them the images wouldn’t cause me no harm anyway. But Lincoln Center? Impossible!…

I tried to pick my best 3 images (that also weren’t sent to Spain) and… guess what? The three were approved! The feeling I had when I knew that not one but all three images were selected was something unbelievable. It wasn’t like “I’M THE BEST!” as one might think, it was just a feeling of “mission accomplished” or something, something like “see? I can do it!!” (actually it was more than anything a message to myself in these hard times). It’s quite good to have anything you do – in any area – admired and respected for what it is and not for what or who you are, after all I was (and still am) an “artist” with no tradition whatsoever, people found me and liked my humble work just because of itself, not because a famous person told them to look at my images or because I was/am part of a certain group of people neither because I paid them to be there. It is more worth it than getting a thousand comments from “friends” in a digital art forum, I can tell you that. And at Lincoln Center… I even planned to go there myself, but due to the stupid bureaucracy of getting visas and all that it wouldn’t be possible to get all the “legal” stuff ready in time. The images and the exhibition even continued for some more days in New Jersey, but it was really impossible for me to be there, not because I didn’t want to.

This image still has a place of honour in my living room, along with the other two. The printed version I sent them (this one on my wall) isn’t quite correct though (too much green, odd reds as usual), but it still looks great.

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