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Related images

I was in the gallery plugin settings page and I found this option to turn on “related images”. Enabled now. It seems funny, it shows images related to any post (in some sort of a post “footer”), not just posts about/with images, according to the tags of the post(s) and the images tags. The image names don’t show up (but the alt text appears when you hover), neither there is some sort of “label” to indicate that these images are somehow related to the post, but I think you can guess that the images are sort of related sometimes. I think it can be fixed with some customization of the gallery template, I’ll check that later. It’s interesting because sometimes a boring long rant can get enhanced with a couple images, it’s like a treat or a gift. So far it’s set to display 5 related images, but sometimes it doesn’t display any or just one or two images, it’s all based on the tags and the post’s subject. And sometimes it doesn’t seem to have anything at all with the post, go figure.

PS. Just found that the images are replaced with new ones every time you reload the page. I guess this happens if there are more than 5 images that are “related”.

Related Images:

Banner/logo idea

This is just a test to check sizes, alignments, if it fits with the rest etc. As the little globe image can’t be enlarged, this is the biggest it can ever be, I think. Unless I can find another similar globe image that is bigger. Seems that it won’t fit with the header, and if it’s shrunk it might be too small to be used, the fonts will have to be adjusted and all that. OrI can just shrink the mandelbrot or something.

Logo MF
150 x 150, just a test.

Full size.

Still experimenting…

This time with a new theme. Black or darker pages look good as a background for pictures but they are quite tiresome after a while if there is some text to be read. A few colours match with the black background so that they can be used as text colours, and a white or clearer layout is more “update” so to speak. And definitely black text over a white “page” is much easier to read than a white text on a black page.

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Related Images: