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What will happen next?

The updating of the old images is nearly finished (just more 4 galleries to go, about 60 images), and it will be time to start making new images. Then the new galleries probably will take some time to be completed (I don’t plan to make 16 images a day, neither I can do that) but while this I’ll try to make some comments on the galleries and their images, I’ll be picking one or two of each gallery and made them the subjects of individual posts. Maybe some galleries will not have images that deserve such an honour, but some images for sure need a special post, if not to comment about some specific detail of the image, at least just to say how much I like them.

Also I’ll be spending some time changing things at to make it work along with the stuff already made here, not sure how yet. My plan is to have a single administration interface for the 2 sites, with both sites being sort of clones (maybe with a few style differences, but same content), and the posting would be done from a single place. As I’m still new with WordPress, it might take some time.

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This is really annoying.

I was searching for some fractal related words in Google to check if Mundo Fractal was already being listed (it is!), and it surprised me the amount of sites, blogs, image galleries, personal sites and everything else that has the word “fractal” attached to their names and brands when their main subjects, products or goods they sell etc. have absolutely NOTHING do to with fractals. Of course most are somehow related, but there are a few sites ranked quite high at Google that are absolute garbage, but the worst is that they aren’t about fractals at all. Not Google’s fault though, it’s the same as in the past, pre-Google days, when people used to disguise a bunch of “hot keywords” in their pages (mostly using text in the same colour as the background of the page), with a huge list of porn-related words. This used to work for some time, until they started ignoring keywords and started indexing actual content instead.

Some people like to use the most modern and technical words they can find (meaning? who cares) to sound “hip” and “cool” or as their main “brands” or just to place these words here and there in their “about me” pages to look smarter, if you look or sound outdated on the interwebs you’re doomed. But calling your pet shop (or something so distant from fractals as that) “The Fractal Dog” or something like that is just stupid. It might sound nice as a band name, but as a brand or a serious magazine about something absolutely different from fractals? Not really.

Some (most) people don’t have any idea about what a fractal might be (let alone a more or less accurate description – it’s not required that everyone knows exactly what it is though), but it sounds nice and smart and “scientifical” to name my blog The Fractal Porn, so let’s use it. I just found for example about a psychology magazine in Portuguese that is called just that – Fractal. As I’ve mentioned before, you have the right to name your kids anything you want, and it applies to your creations as well – they’re your kids too, in a sense. WTF, whomever came up with that magazine name even knows how to use Apophysis, their banner has a flame fractal. Why can’t they call it Fractal? They can, that’s for sure. But it’s like calling a McDonald’s “Vegan’s Place” just because “Vegan” is a nice and healthy word.

I wouldn’t like to be diagnosed with a “fractal” personality, mostly by a shrink that is a subscriber of this Fractal magazine. I’m still not that crazy or stupid. Oh and BTW they would love to test this software at that magazine.

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