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Thank you Google! (Not really…)

Yesterday I had another peak of visitors, around 40. Not bad. But when I went to check my stats tracking software for the reasons why I had these visitors… there it was, all about Mandelbulbs again.

What I don’t understand is that there is much more content about the other kinds of fractals here than about Mandelbulbs, but still it is what is listed the most and the best in Google – I redid most of the searches used by the visitors, and my site appears in the first page of results in most of these. I have some plans related to redoing and changing some of the tags of the images and the posts that seem that don’t work like I expected, but as there are about 500 fractal images here it’s not easy to do it at once. Sometimes posting one image at a time with some description even if it’s short seems to have more impact and better results for it to be found in search engines than the tags in the whole gallery post where the image is.

I’m starting to wonder what will happen if I start writing “Mandelboob” instead of Mandelbulb. Is porn still attracting visitors? There is as much porn in here as Mandelbulb images, I suppose.

Edit: I told you this would work. Some people already visited the site looking for boobs.

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Almost there

I think I’ll stay with this layout (Arclite) for a while. Still needs some small fixes but this seems to be a good one for a while. Some galleries might look a little messed up because of the width of the main content, I’ll fix that later. It ended up still keeping some blue, after all. Other colours didn’t really mixed well with the fonts, blue seems a more “natural” colour for the web. Maybe just a few tweaks in the font sizes and that’s it. Also there are options for custom logos in the header, but it’s not in the plans as I’ve said in the previous post.

Edit: as Michael Jackson would say, this is it. It’s working, looks OK, all it needs now is maybe a very few adjustments. All settings were mostly kept, which is nice. And the 16 images format for the gallery works.

Amazing (mass-produced!) collection of fractal art

Pretty isn’t it? But guess what was my involvement in all this? A few clicks. To be precise, just 3. One to open Apophysis, other in the menu to select “Scripts”, and the last one to select a script. (OK,  there was another one, to run the script, it’s 4 clicks actually, sorry!). There were a few more clicks required to render the images, but these aren’t related to the actual creation of the images. And these images look quite similar not only to each other but to most of these so-popular “amazing-whatever” batches of fractal “art” spread all over the internet. So sad.

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STFU, Prince.

I am using this WP plugin called “Font Burner” that can let you customize fonts in headlines, etc.. Then I started to use a font that for some reason reminded me of Prince’s Purple Rain – I just noticed it yesterday or something. It wasn’t intentional, the font looked OK, so I tried it and it lasted 2 days. After reading the last statements from mr. Symbol about the internet, I don’t want to be misrecognized as his fan (what if he thinks I’m using his trademark font and sends me a cease and desist? No thanks). I never was, I never will be. Back to a more traditional font for the post titles and menus. Prince can kiss my sorry ass.

Some more weird Google stuff

Again, a brief new check for the indexing of the site (as it says it had 100 visitors in a day!). While doing a search using my name and the word “fractal”, I discovered that my old Renderosity account is still alive. I thought it was deleted (by myself or by them) as the link pointing to that at fractalland.com wasn’t working, it said that the requested artist wasn’t a member of Renderosity or something. I don’t remember its password and its assigned e-mail address is wrong and gone, so I think I won’t be able to change anything there. Not that I want to, actually. But I found a few images posted in these galleries (3 or 4 actually) that I should also add here, and they might only exist in that gallery… I’ll have to find their sources here again, re-render and post some updated version if I can. If not, I’d have to recover these images from these “originals”, unfortunately.

Anyway, here’s the link to the gallery.

It used to have a lot of images in there, then I just made some major cleaning and let just those that could be some of my best images that at the same time could be shared without fear (I had a couple images posted there that were “borrowed” by others, to use a kind word), because I just didn’t want to simply close the account – which I must say that was also considered. I let that just as sort of a “public advertisement” for the site, kind of a teasing page. Didn’t work much I think, not many visitors came from that place looking for more.

I was even re-reading some of the comments posted, and I found interesting to find one that says “incredible undercommented image” or something, which again proves my point that these places are just a bunch of friends commenting on each other’s images only, most of the times. If you’re not part of their team, you’re ignored. Orbit Traps blog said exactly the same about this, in other words. In Brazilian Portuguese, we use the word “panelinha” to describe that.

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