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About the images, pt. VII

With the new layout I’m trying also some new thumbnail settings for the galleries. Now the thumbnails are set to 90 x 90 pixels (maximum) and are not taking into consideration the original proportion of the image, so some of these might look a bit strange. The galleries can have a custom number of columns, so the size of the thumbnails isn’t exactly a problem but I still have to find what’s the best combination with the 4-columns gallery layout. Also available are some different templates for the galleries, and some really don’t fit well with any theme and others seem to not have any noticeable changes. Another change was the number of images related to the post that are displayed in the small “footer” of the posts, now there are 10 images displayed. Clicking these will open the image(s) individually, not its gallery.

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About the images, part VI

There are less general comments to make about the images every day, but there are some points still not mentioned yet.

Most of these images were made much before than the now common 16:9 format became the default size (I guess it’s the default now, at least for LCD screens, isn’t it?). UltraFractal’s default size when you just install it and opens the default image is a 400 x 300 px image (or was, at least), in the standard (and already old?) 4:3 format. It was the common size used for ages, with all these very known sizes like 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

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