Let me explain some of the weird image names you’ll see here and some other naming techniques I might be using.

How hard is it to name an image? Very, at times. Let’s say you have a daughter. Why did you name it “Moon Unit” instead of the plain old “Mary”? Weird isn’t it? Well… probably mr. Frank Zappa had a good reason for that (yes that’s the real name of one of his kids). If you have a daughter and if you are a big Zappa fan, you might name your daughter like that too – and it will make perfect sense for you.

When I name some image, I try to name it according to what I’m feeling at the moment (sounds cliché, but it’s for real), some situation that happened while making the image (or previously), a song I’m listening to, etc. and even some obvious name if the image looks like something from the “real world”. Some of these names probably will only make sense to me. That’s not the point, I don’t have to name it using some more common name “just because”.

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