From Gallery 12, Eddie Van Halen!

Absolutely accidental. Serendipity is back. It started I guess with explorations of the image called “falco” and its “sub-images”, as the “falco” main theme still appears behind the “guitar”. I did a bunch of these (only one was posted though) with the same look and just changing the colouring algorithms but in some random colouring and zoom combination (a zoom out I guess, something people should try more often), this other image appeared*. I think no further tweaks were done other than maybe some positioning if any, but nothing in regard of the aspect of the “guitar” was changed. It seems to be a nice clone of the Frankenstrat after all.

It’s one of the images here that is most visited, because people seem to search for Eddie and this image appears in the results.

* Looking a bit more into the details, it seems that the “guitar” is a separate image from the “falco” pattern (although both might have came from the same formula), that seems to have been layered over the “guitar”, not behind it.

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