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Want to buy a print of one of my fractals?

I’m thinking about setting up a Zazzle store just for that, and it will probably be integrated with this site as much as possible. They have some nice options for prints there (and other items as well, even pet clothes!), and it’s not very expensive (well… the custom framing is a bit). Coming soon. Anyway I’ll add this little flash thingy while it’s being planned and set uo properly… if you are interested in an item just click it in this little widget and you will be redirected to my store at Zazzle. Most of the items are customizable, the default size and paper is just a suggestion for each image. Most of my favourite images will be available as prints, and I’ll try to make them available in the largest possible sizes. Anyone who has ever seen a printed fractal knows that the bigger they are printed, the better they look. But unfortunately some of these images are a bit complicated to be rendered extremely big, like most (but not all) flame fractals.


See other gifts available on Zazzle.

Prints for sale?

I never thought of actually trying to sell any of my work, but as I’ve found this very nice printing service that does a very good job (digital printing, laminated and all that) and can print reasonably big images, I think I should try to make some prints and sell them, or at least advertise them for sale here a couple at a time. If one gets sold, great. If not, ok. I have no idea how much it could or should cost though. It’s not exactly cheap to print them, but it’s not something worth a thousand bucks. Yet.

Once I saw someone auctioning fractal images at Ebay (where else?…) at 1 cent each – yes, 1 cent, $0.01. They were all someone else’s images (unprotected, without any watermark) that he had collected from several sources and he was offering them at such low prices because he would deliver them by email. You had just to choose which images you liked, and he would send them to you at the amazing price of 1 cent each. Printing at your expenses, of course. I actually watched this auction for a week or so, but fortunately nobody was interested. Not only the images offered were awful but also it was a clear case of theft.

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