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It’s been a while, but new images will appear soon. I won’t be restrained to galleries and X images per gallery. I will be posting images and galleries as I want.

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It’s drying

It’s a little bit wet, but it’s drying. It will dry eventually.

It's drying.


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Some more is coming soon

There’s a bunch of new huge Mandelbulbs ready to be posted, they will come out soon. Let this bout of the blues go away first. It’s good to notice though how some of my best images (again, IMHO, who cares if you like it or not – I do like them!) happen in times like these.

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Changing skins

Some animals change their skins as a sign of growth. A change. A challenge. I’m changing mine now, I guess. I still can’t tell if the image shows the old skin, the morphing process or already the new one. I guess I can see bits of each. Warning: this is a HUGE file.

Warning: HUGE file

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Insanity laughs underpressure we’re cracking!

A nice quote from my favourite band to demonstrate h0w pressure and all the other annoyances in life can have a productive side. I remember back in 2002, taking many painkillers, without a solution in sight and making probably some of my best fractals. Seems that it’s happening again, for a different reason.

can I beat it?

The Menace

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