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Strange coincidence? I’m not sure what to say…

Someone recently asked me if I sell prints of my image, and while doing a search for new places to print the images, I was browsing the art.com “abstract” category. Then just after a few clicks I found this image (click the link as I can’t post the image here)…

… which immediately reminded me of this image from one of my galleries.

Yes, the “woman” is different, but at the same time it’s very similar… mine is sort of “inspired” accidentally by the Abaporu anyway so…

PS.: why is this post being hit by spammers like crazy? 20 a day. Get out.

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The chosen ones, pt. 2

From gallery 04, these 2:

“A thousand skimo eyes”

And “baby seal”

They were made apart from each other. Happened by accident, both, not planned at all. And when I went to sort out the images to appear in the new galleries, they (accidentally, again) ended up in the same gallery, in sequence. Organized chaos?

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