This time with a new theme. Black or darker pages look good as a background for pictures but they are quite tiresome after a while if there is some text to be read. A few colours match with the black background so that they can be used as text colours, and a white or clearer layout is more “update” so to speak. And definitely black text over a white “page” is much easier to read than a white text on a black page.

What I found interesting is that it was the first theme in my WP themes list (all came with the one-click install at Dreamhost, my hosting company), and it had as its main “icon”… a globe image. Matches with the site name at least, so it can sort of work as a temporary logo for a while. I didn’t like the amount of blue in the theme (I hate blue, in fact), but this might be changed later.

There are some other good themes included, but this one looks nice and it’s much cleaner. Some of the previous widgets might be reconfigured or re-added (the random image for example… it’s a mess to find the right size for the image in the box), but everything seems fine so far.

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