I was out of it for some time and went to check if there was a new version of Mandelbulb 3D as the newest versions I had were just mostly for bug fixes… there is, with a lot of new formulas. There are so many new things to explore combined with the time I stopped using it that I had to almost relearn it from scratch, and I decided to check if someone had finally made a tutorial for it, and I found this one that covers pretty much the basics but it’s very well written and clear.

It’s not just one of these with screen captures of the software windows, it goes a little beyond than that although it still doesn’t explain much about the formulas and what are their possibilities and how their parameters should or could be set, which is something that most fractal softwares still lack. They just pretend everybody knows the deep math involved, and they forget to explain how to find at least a starting image using a specific formula so we can explore it from that point onwards. It’s very frustrating to find that there’s a new formula in your collection but you have no idea where to start and how to change the parameters to get something interesting. UF has changed it a bit with the addition of the “explore” feature, which is good to find what a certain parameter does without typing random numbers until something happens…

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