This is kind of a beta-test to see how it will look like when posting a full gallery at once instead of individual images. If it looks too bad, I’ll switch to single posts for each image. Or not.

The image description(s) seem to be partially imported from what I’ve used already in Picasa, not bad, saved me some extra typing. Unfortunately, if I choose to upload the images all at once, they are sorted (and indexed, which is really what counts) in alphabetical order (using their file names), but as the gallery as it is now doesn’t show any labels indicating the image’s actual name, it’s not a real problem – you just see the image’s real name if you hover its thumbnail.

The images will appear as thumbnails, all at once (that’s one of the purposes of a gallery, duh). If you click any of them, the image browser will open, starting with the image you’ve clicked, with the full post text (again) and all that info about the image (name, description). Use the navigation menu to view the next/previous images. Try to start browsing at the first picture, but it’s just a suggestion. If you click the image while in “browsing” mode, it will be reopened in the same page in its original size (good if you want to see it bigger), just click the “back” arrow in your browser to come back to the gallery. A right-click works too, if you want to open it in a new browser window/tab (I prefer this method whenever I want to see details).

Each gallery has 12 images. I think I can post up to 20 images before the gallery gets an extra page (and I don’t really want this), maybe 15 is a good number. We’ll see.

From what I’ve tested, the image tags only appear when the images are posted individually. If there’s a gallery, the gallery tags are shown in the post, not the individual image tags. Probably if you click the tag in the tag browser to see everything that is related to a certain tag that is also a tag that is attributed to an image, perhaps the image(s) links to these related images will appear in your filter/selection. Also, some specific images might deserve their own post(s) in the future. Again, we’ll see.

Tip: try the “view with PicLens” for a different thing as well. Adjust the loop speed to your taste if needed.

OK, enough talking, here it goes.

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