I’ve been posting a couple new images on my Facebook fractal page in the last weeks, which seems more straightforward and faster than coming here, finding a gallery where the image fits and so on. Also, just to get updated on what’s going on, I’ve been visiting some fractal pages here and there, and… things seems to be stuck in 2002. All I see are flowers and flowers and hearts and “necklaces” and stupid images that don’t even follow the basic fractal ideas (repetition, simmetry) anymore, and the boring random Apophysis images. Tried to update my formulas and gradients and some other resources hopefully with something new, but there’s nothing new. One of the good pages (if not the best) with resources is now gone, with the dead of his owner, the famous fractal enthusiast Paul N. Lee which I just found out about it 3 days ago. He kept a huge inventory of almost every fractal software ever made, formula collections, image collections, tutorials (some a bit for outdated softwares but still valid, and way better than these found at deviantart) and so on. I remember having a brief contact with him here and there when I was a member of the UF mailing list, and he was always helpful and friendly with everyone despite all his huge knowledge.

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