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Another image from the 54 series, probably the first of them as it’s just named “54”. I think it could be benefited with a new render, not sure but it doesn’t look quite right for me. Maybe when seen in a large screen, it looks better.


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There are some images I’ve been posting on Facebook lately (it’s a bit faster to post them there, although the visibility might not be the same), time to move some of them back here as well. Here we go. One at a time, unless they are related. As I’ve mentioned in another post, creating and managing galleries is a pain, I’ll keep posting them one at a time for a while, maybe they will be moved to a gallery or something. This one is called “54 spiral”. I am running out of names after all this time, so sometimes these random names will be used. 54 is my current age so images made after I completed 54 years old might have this naming system. Something you might find different if I haven’t mentioned it before is the lack of watermark. Unless the image is really something important for me, I might not be adding the watermarks anymore (although it’s a simple process). If you want to steal something, you will anyway.

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OK, a huge update. The new images (sort of) are mostly here. Names and such are in the FB page

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not a single animal protein was used.

untitled spiral.

Fractal tree, simple.

Things, that happen at night.

the 5 guys (me and these 4). One of my favourites


mold and foam

another midget

a midget

holes and ghosts


random and pretty

one of my favourite new ones

more simmertry



spiral 002



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Untitled #3

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The third image I did this year, a couple weeks ago.

Untitled 2014 #3

Untitled 2014 #3

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Blue trees

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Not sure if this was posted or not. As the galleries are now a bit messed up and I’ve lost the track of what images are already in a gallery, I’ll be posting individual images for a while.

Blue Trees

Blue Trees

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