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It’s been a while. New softwares, new images, new thoughts, new theme. I might be adding all the new images I did since the last time I updated this. No more splitting in several galleries, there will be just a few ones with the most interesting images (or not) .

A few months ago I decided just for fun to try to tweak all my UltraFractal images, and some ended up quite interesting and may be used and posted here. I am thinking about a better way to add watermarks as it’s boring to add them one by one in a Photoshop session or something. The gallery script has a watermark feature but I think I’ll have to reupload everything… no thanks. Leaving the images without a watermark can be tricky, I’m not sure how the printing quality of my uploaded images is and if they are “printable” (as in commercial use) as they are without a watermark. Some are still using the watermark of my older site, not a problem but some are too big, I’d like to reduce them a bit but I’ll have to render everything again… I think I redid the rendering at some point with no watermarks, I’ll have to look for these images if they ever exist and replace those already in here.

Also, I noticed that the speed of the site is really really slow, it wasn’t like that before. OK, I use a very cheap (not really…) hosting plan but it wasn’t that slow before…

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This might have been posted already in the last week or so, not sureI was playing around with the plain old Mandelbrot set, just randomly going places, zooming and stuff. Some very interesting images came out, although you might have probably seen something similar elsewere, hence the name “classic” (another good name would be “obvious”….) as usual, these images have a trillion more places to explore, and that’s the fun of fractals but let’s just stay with this single one. There are some odd artifacts from another layer that would be a bit bothersome to be removed (15 masks just for that? no thanks!), and they aren’t really distracting from the overall thing, so let them there.

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As fast as possible

This is a very recent one. Minimalist. Lovely. Spiral, yes. Who cares? Its name isn’t related to its making.

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a new series of naming images….

It’s hard to find names for images that aren’t too obvious to have a name, so these are following some name convention as year-image#. Call it anything you want. Some can be called flower, whatever. Some are really pretty. Some aren’t.

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54-3 and 54-4

OK, nothing special again. Somehow, the posts are being posted in my FB page about fractals, even though the images were posted there already. Sorry for that, shouldn’t happen again. On to the images…


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