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It’s been a while. New softwares, new images, new thoughts, new theme. I might be adding all the new images I did since the last time I updated this. No more splitting in several galleries, there will be just a few ones with the most interesting images (or not) .

A few months ago I decided just for fun to try to tweak all my UltraFractal images, and some ended up quite interesting and may be used and posted here. I am thinking about a better way to add watermarks as it’s boring to add them one by one in a Photoshop session or something. The gallery script has a watermark feature but I think I’ll have to reupload everything… no thanks. Leaving the images without a watermark can be tricky, I’m not sure how the printing quality of my uploaded images is and if they are “printable” (as in commercial use) as they are without a watermark. Some are still using the watermark of my older site, not a problem but some are too big, I’d like to reduce them a bit but I’ll have to render everything again… I think I redid the rendering at some point with no watermarks, I’ll have to look for these images if they ever exist and replace those already in here.

Also, I noticed that the speed of the site is really really slow, it wasn’t like that before. OK, I use a very cheap (not really…) hosting plan but it wasn’t that slow before…

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This might have been posted already in the last week or so, not sureI was playing around with the plain old Mandelbrot set, just randomly going places, zooming and stuff. Some very interesting images came out, although you might have probably seen something similar elsewere, hence the name “classic” (another good name would be “obvious”….) as usual, these images have a trillion more places to explore, and that’s the fun of fractals but let’s just stay with this single one. There are some odd artifacts from another layer that would be a bit bothersome to be removed (15 masks just for that? no thanks!), and they aren’t really distracting from the overall thing, so let them there.

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There are some images I’ve been posting on Facebook lately (it’s a bit faster to post them there, although the visibility might not be the same), time to move some of them back here as well. Here we go. One at a time, unless they are related. As I’ve mentioned in another post, creating and managing galleries is a pain, I’ll keep posting them one at a time for a while, maybe they will be moved to a gallery or something. This one is called “54 spiral”. I am running out of names after all this time, so sometimes these random names will be used. 54 is my current age so images made after I completed 54 years old might have this naming system. Something you might find different if I haven’t mentioned it before is the lack of watermark. Unless the image is really something important for me, I might not be adding the watermarks anymore (although it’s a simple process). If you want to steal something, you will anyway.

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Ok, an announcement. I guess I’m back.

I’ve decided to return here for good. Some changes might happen though but they aren’t exacly definitive. I haven’t also explored what is new in terms of security and plugins to find if there is still interesting to be added to the site, but the basic that will happen from now on is;
1. Images won’t be added to galleries, unless I change my mood. They will posted individually, sometimes with a short description of anything relevant (where I got its name inspiration, how many time it took to render, etc), sometimes just with the name of the image. it’s too boring to add each image again, add a description, etc etc. Let the galleries for my old images. They might also be trimmed down at some point, removing images I don’t care much about them anymore. As I’ve said, there was a period of my “fractal life” where I was somehow compelled so to speak (by stupid group of users) to make a huge number of images in a short period of time (come on, you must be creative they said), and it became a job. with NO rewards. And 99% of the images didn’t satisfy ME. A couple (a dozen or more, actually) images that have been made in a year or so an posted in my FB page (that might or not have appeared here in the past) will be posted here as well. Actually, the FB page is… http://www.facebook/mundofractal/ (I guess), I’m not sure if you will be able to reach it from here.
2. The images won’t have a bookmark anymore most of the time, unless I find the image is a real “masterpiece”. If thieves want to steal it, they will. It’s quite easy and fast to add a watermark, but it’s even faster to cover it. The images won’t be posted anywhere else by me, I am not part of any digital community, forum or FB group. If they are posted without my usual internet nicknames (Mr. Mandelbrot, marcusbacus, fractallland, etc. etc….), they were probably stolen. Fuck that.
3. I have a Facebook page about it now as well just for posting images and a very small comment (a name or of the image and a line or so), but both here and FB have a giant annoyances to make you post stuff when you have made a few more images you like. Here I have a little more room to post and not care much if it is being sen or not (it is…), and the FB annoying “BOOST THIS IMAGE FOR JUST $5 TO GET MORE 10000 VIEWS in every single fucking post is really annoying, hence I’m trying to go back here. No, I don’t want to boost these posts neither make Mark more rich. Fractals is my hobby, not my income. Or his.
4. I might add an email account again  (I lost my account where I registered my UF account so I can’t even get updates or re-registering my copy when I need an instalattion of my old registered – expensive! -copy of the updates since version 5 so I’m still using the v. 4something) just for dealing with any subject that might appear here – questions, comments that don’t fit in the comments page, and other random things. If it goes to a spam list, it’s gone.
5. I still am hating Apophysis. I am in a very very “old school” phase, so it will be more just very common spirals, midgets and some other popular images that will be the core of the next posts, I suppose. Eventually there will be a bit more abstract stuff like in the past, but I need inspiration.

6. It’s very sad to hear about Paul N. Lee’s passing and all his major fractal archive of softwares, tutorials, formulas being gone.

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Coming back, one iteration at a time…

I’ve been posting a couple new images on my Facebook fractal page in the last weeks, which seems more straightforward and faster than coming here, finding a gallery where the image fits and so on. Also, just to get updated on what’s going on, I’ve been visiting some fractal pages here and there, and… things seems to be stuck in 2002. All I see are flowers and flowers and hearts and “necklaces” and stupid images that don’t even follow the basic fractal ideas (repetition, simmetry) anymore, and the boring random Apophysis images. Tried to update my formulas and gradients and some other resources hopefully with something new, but there’s nothing new. One of the good pages (if not the best) with resources is now gone, with the dead of his owner, the famous fractal enthusiast Paul N. Lee which I just found out about it 3 days ago. He kept a huge inventory of almost every fractal software ever made, formula collections, image collections, tutorials (some a bit for outdated softwares but still valid, and way better than these found at deviantart) and so on. I remember having a brief contact with him here and there when I was a member of the UF mailing list, and he was always helpful and friendly with everyone despite all his huge knowledge.