I’ve decided to send the images I didn’t like to the fractal heaven, and some images are now gone. I’ve kept those that really interest me, who cares if it’s a simple spiral, or a 256-colour image made in Fractint? I am the first person that must like my work. If I don’t like it, probably others won’t. I don’t work for the masses, I don’t work expecting public admiration (although I must say it’s quite nice when you’re invited for an exhibition at the Lincoln Center as I was…) neither to be popular at Deviant Art or something like that, I don’t make fractals based on how many comments they will get at some community site. I just do this to please myself, first and foremost.

A little background on all this: I’ve started making fractals probably sometime around the mid-90’s, when I found Fractint in the middle of one of these CD-ROMs that came as a bonus with some computer magazine. It was love at first sight. Of course it was far from being anything remotely interesting at first, but then I became an addict. It was fun, relaxing and quite nice to make all these weird images. This was sometime slightly before the Internet boom, I think. I was still saving some images, and had quite a bunch of them.

Soon the images were online in the first Geocities site, and after some time I had a lot of images and everything I did was immediately put online. After some time, there were already over 1000 images and the task to update pages and fix errors in the HTML/Web bit was taking too much time, more than I actually wanted. Not only that, but also, made me lose some interest and let the fractals alone for a while.

Somehow inspired by things like what has been said in this post (and many others) at the Orbit Traps Blog (“Make the art that pleases you rather than the art you think other “good” artists want to see.”), I decide to resume my “fractal web” so to speak. And here we are…

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