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Caribe and Nemo’s Home

This time  2 Mandelbulb images with a theme that seems a bit common: sealife, corals, etc. Not one of my best in this theme yet, but it’s worth posting.

These images bring me back to the post I did some time ago about “compositions”. It would be nice to have a few more “algae” and fish and some more sealife in these images.

Caribe Mandelbulb


Nemo's home

Nemo's home

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Some more is coming soon

There’s a bunch of new huge Mandelbulbs ready to be posted, they will come out soon. Let this bout of the blues go away first. It’s good to notice though how some of my best images (again, IMHO, who cares if you like it or not – I do like them!) happen in times like these.

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