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It’s drying

by on Nov.20, 2010, under General, Images

It’s a little bit wet, but it’s drying. It will dry eventually.

It's drying.


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This is why I should keep going

by on Nov.19, 2010, under General, Images

Many thanks to the guys at Orbit Trap to have quoted my opinions, to slightly discuss them and more, to understood them perfectly. I’m more than anything learning to be honest with my own feelings (artistically and in everything else) so whatever I’ve said here about my disappointments with fractal stuff in general that was repercuted by Orbit Trap is absolutely true. Whenever I say I am hating Apophysis for example, I really do. But I’m hating the Deviant kind of Apophysis – the mass-produced, randomized thing.

I don’t have any personal or commercial links to any of these people (from the evil or the good side of the force) so I just said what happened to me and my creative process during all these years and how to following the self-similarity flock was making me a worse artist and making extremely bored. And I think I could only understand what was going on when I read these posts at Orbit trap pointing me to some obvious things that most people (comfortably) refuse to see, better still have your comment box filled with friends pats on the back than making something you’re enjoying.

I’m touching some sensitive fields now I guess trying the Mandelbulb images (and I’m starting to like them despite hating it at first), as they seem to be the latest hit of the moment, but as there isn’t much of a community or group dedicated to that (not that I have seen) except the few posts at the Fractal Forums neither too many tutorials in the common corporate fractal galleries, which I try as much as possible not to read unless i’m looking for a fix for a problem, I am a bit “isolated” from whatever kind of “style trend” in Mandelbulbs that might be en vogue (sorry for the french) so far and I’m very pleased with the images I’m making even though I can make only an image a week or something. I see a lot of posts mentioning “whipped cream”, “cathedrals” etc. etc. but I have no idea how to do that neither I want to do that kind of thing. I’m using Mandelbulb 3D just like when I first started Fractint: using my instinct. I liked what I did? OK, I’ll save and post. I didn’t like? Let’s start again.

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Caribe and Nemo’s Home

by on Nov.15, 2010, under General, Images

This time¬† 2 Mandelbulb images with a theme that seems a bit common: sealife, corals, etc. Not one of my best in this theme yet, but it’s worth posting.

These images bring me back to the post I did some time ago about “compositions”. It would be nice to have a few more “algae” and fish and some more sealife in these images.

Caribe Mandelbulb


Nemo's home

Nemo's home

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Some more is coming soon

by on Nov.15, 2010, under General

There’s a bunch of new huge Mandelbulbs ready to be posted, they will come out soon. Let this bout of the blues go away first. It’s good to notice though how some of my best images (again, IMHO, who cares if you like it or not – I do like them!) happen in times like these.

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