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Time to get a better look

by on Jul.21, 2010, under General

As most of the hard work is finally finished (the galleries themselves), it’s time to make some customizations for real. I’ll be changing this theme soon. It’s not that ugly, it loads fast and all that, but I’m just not very fond of blue (and it has a lot of blue…) and things seems to be too big font-wise so to speak. Also, some basic features don’t seem to work nicely with this theme like some basic things in the pages – submenus for custom pages, which can be an important part in the future, to use these in a separate link in some sort of a “menu” for easy access to the galleries and even pagination. At the same time that it’s basic enough to load fast and have a clean appearance, it’s too simple to make some basic things work. Also it’s a bit too thin, text gets too extended when in fact it’s not that long. It’s thin in its overall width, but the fonts are way bigger. Not very proportional, and I’m not in the mood of customizing CSS right now.

I’ve tried some new themes, and those that I liked still need some small fixings (easy stuff, basically) before being used right away, while this I’ll be also looking for other options. I might use one from these pre-installed after all, but if I find something else that fits better with my tastes and the overall look and theme of the site, it will be replaced. I’ll probably not be using any theme with some sort of a big “logo” or “top banner” design, as it would require extra customization as in making a specific fractal just for that, making smaller banners based on that for links etc. etc.. It might work, but it’s not really something that is needed. I could (re)use a logo/banner I did for, but as it has some transparency over some odd background colour, probably it won’t fit. Also if a theme doesn’t work with a plugin that I’ll be using that will be a part of the whole layout and that can’t or won’t be disabled – like the Font Burner plugin – the theme will not be used.

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Fractal Gallery 32

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Galleries, Images

Just one image rescued from the past, the rest is all new. The kaleidofun image was really already posted, so it was replaced with a new image. The image called “fighting for food” was already posted as well, so it was replaced with another image, that has that same interesting moving effect as the “it’s alive” image.

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Fractal Gallery 31

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Galleries, Images

Mostly new images this time as there’s just one more gallery left to be posted.

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Fractal Gallery 30

by on Jul.18, 2010, under Galleries, Images

Some very new images this time, mixed with a few old ones. I guess there was some improvement, after all.

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Amazing (mass-produced!) collection of fractal art

by on Jul.17, 2010, under General, Images

Pretty isn’t it? But guess what was my involvement in all this? A few clicks. To be precise, just 3. One to open Apophysis, other in the menu to select “Scripts”, and the last one to select a script. (OK,¬† there was another one, to run the script, it’s 4 clicks actually, sorry!). There were a few more clicks required to render the images, but these aren’t related to the actual creation of the images. And these images look quite similar not only to each other but to most of these so-popular “amazing-whatever” batches of fractal “art” spread all over the internet. So sad.

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