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The rejected images

I was thinking about them and considering what I have seen in other sites labeled as “amazing” fractal art, I might give these oldies a new chance, some aren’t that bad after all. Maybe too common or simple, but some aren’t definitely ugly.

They will be back not in the galleries, but probably more like in the form of free downloads, wallpapers and such. Still to decide about that, first I need to have a look on these images again, reselect those that are really worth a second chance and all that stuff. It’s possible that some might get even a re-render, and even get a new watermark or something (different from the watermark used in the galleries, so the image can be used as a wallpaper), just to keep things more consistent and updated. Some of these images still have a watermark from a site/URL that is gone since maybe 1998. I might not be able to remake all the Fractint images, though…

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Fractal Gallery 29

A bunch of new ones mixed with some old images that were rescued. There are 2 more galleries with mostly fresh images done during the creation of the new format of the site ready to be posted, and I’m still doing a couple of new images a day so there will be more galleries sooner than I thought.

I also found that the galleries can have some different templates of their own, I will try these soon but I like this clean default format.

PS. On a second thought, most of these images suck big time. Hopefully the new batch will be better.

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