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Creating a transparent watermark, in 4 easy steps

It’s quite simple, really. So simple I won’t even post pics. And I’m assuming you are slightly familiar with Photoshop or some other editing software that is capable to use layers so I’ll skip the part where others teach you how to create text and all that stuff you should already know. OK, let’s go. This is how I make all my watermarks, BTW.

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Fractal Gallery 08

Last gallery for today. A bunch of new images in this one. To compensate for the ugly ones, I guess.

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Fractal Gallery 07

Some of the forgotten Apophysis images will start to appear in this gallery (actually, the next). Despite being relatively new, they were still rendered in smaller sizes. I might have their original parameters saved, and maybe I’ll re-render them bigger.

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I was wondering why most of my Apophysis images weren’t in the galleries (mostly the newest), and noticed that some of the most recent ones weren’t included in my big fractal list of images. I’ll try to add them one at a time starting with the next gallery.

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