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Fractal Gallery 06

16 images doesn’t guarantee that the layout will be preserved. A wrong sized thumbnail and it’s all messed up. I had one image in this gallery that was previously posted as a sample (the stamp pic), so I’ve removed it. With it in the gallery it was even more messed up. I guess I have to count on some luck too, if the original image had a different name, its thumbnail would appear in a different place and it wouldn’t mess up the layout. Chaos at its best.

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Banner/logo idea

This is just a test to check sizes, alignments, if it fits with the rest etc. As the little globe image can’t be enlarged, this is the biggest it can ever be, I think. Unless I can find another similar globe image that is bigger. Seems that it won’t fit with the header, and if it’s shrunk it might be too small to be used, the fonts will have to be adjusted and all that. OrI can just shrink the mandelbrot or something.

Logo MF
150 x 150, just a test.

Full size.

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Do you make 50 images every day? How can you post so many images?

Not anymore. There was a time that I probably could do that, though.

If I post say 3 or 4 galleries with around 15 images each in the same day it’s just because these images I’m posting were already made, ready to be posted, some are even 10 years old or maybe more. I’m in sort of an updating phase more than a creation phase, I’m just sorting things out and cleaning the dust before I’m back to making new images.

These images aren’t all fresh creations, not all of them at least. In each gallery probably there will be one or 2 relatively newer images (not often though), but all these weren’t done at once right before I published the post.

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Fractal Gallery 05

15 images isn’t a good choice. 16 is more symmetric, at least with this current theme. 20 is too much. 16 from now on.

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Fractal Gallery 04

OK, maybe 16 images in each gallery is what looks best with this theme, 4 in a row. I liked how the skimo and seal fractals appeared in the same gallery (and close to each other too), as they seem to be very (but accidentally as usual) related. Chaos theory strikes back.

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